Madden Brothers nominated again! #IceBucketChallenge #ALS

David Katzenberg nominated both Benji and Joel Madden for the ALS Ice bucket challenge. The Maddens have been nominated several times now and have yet to respond to their nominations.

For more information and donations for ALS, visit

Do you think the twins will get wet for ALS?

We Are Here - The Madden Brothers Debut Album


When you hear the names Joel and Benji Madden, what are your first thoughts? Nicole Richie. Cameron Diaz. Good Charlotte. Many are surprised to find out they are responsible for the new 5 Seconds of Summer hit “Amnesia”. But what’s even more shocking to people is the sound of their own new hit “We…

What a fantastically written piece! Props!!

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Regarding Q & A

Starting today, all questions & answers will be deleted from the page after 24 hours.*

I personally really dislike visiting blogs and having to scroll through a bunch of messages before the actual content shows up. Therefor I choose to delete mine after 24 hours. Just thought I’d let everyone know, so there won’t be any misunderstandings about why I am deleting messages.

*Questions and answers that may be informative to other visitors will remain on the site.


California Rain by the Madden Brothers

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California Rain by The Madden Brothers

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We Are Done by The Madden Brothers

Source: spritualmurder

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