Small interview with Benji and Joel Madden at the Hollywood Tower (July 30, 2014)

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What songs does Benji sing in Good Charlotte?

Asked by Anonymous

He sings on all songs. He does lead vocals on songs like Wounded and Cemetary. For specifics on all songs, grab their CDs and look through the booklet.


"Brother" - Madden Brothers - 7.30.14 - Hollywood Tower

Source: nikadelphia

Hey, I absolutely love your blog! I was just wondering what Good Charlotte songs does Benji have solos in?

Asked by aardvarks4eva

I can’t answer this for you. There are so many songs and I know them all inside out but to be exact on solos… I don’t consider them real solos. Slash plays solos. Synyster Gates plays solos. Benji Madden in Good Charlotte, not really. 

Thank you for your message though and I am happy to hear you enjoy the blog! :)

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