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How does Joel annoy the crap out of you?

Asked by Anonymous

I am wisely not going to answer this publicly.

He annoys me, I have my reasons. If I say why, there’s always going to be that anonymous person who starts to defend him and pick a fight. I have better things to do than argueing on Tumblr. I don’t dislike Joel, he just annoys me on the show, that’s all.

I hope the CB romance continues- i agree, i think they seem a good fit. Just to clarify, I love the voice kids- i have enjoyed having team madden on my screen on a regular basis. I meant I didn't need your downloads of it, cause i am in Oz, but so glad others can see it if they wish. Some nice moments with the twins; bman "everybody knows I love the sound of a diva" Joel "do they, does everybody know that?" bman; "Yes, its well known, I love a diva, i have lived with one my whole life" xxoz

Asked by Anonymous

Haha, yeah I loved it when they said that. Which is true, Joel is a bit of a diva :P And Benji is always the one who gets to hang out with all the girls on girls night so that explains a lot :P

Hey There! Sorry I haven't sent any feedback for a while, I have been crook with a nasty flu. However, am now on the mend, and wanted to say thanks again for you posting everything that you do. I don't need the kids voice bits, but its great that you enable everyone else to see it. The b man certainly looks happy, and is definitely chalking up the air miles isn't he! Thrilled that the Madden Brothers are doing so well here and in asia, hopefully all will be repeated in USA and Europe. xx Oznet

Asked by Anonymous

Thanks for the message, Oznet! Hope all is well with you! Not everyone is into The Voice or The Voice Kids. I don’t watch The Voice, but I watch The Voice Kids because Benj is in it. Joel annoys the crap out of me though, lol. B definately looks happy and I hope this love will last because he deserves it and Cameron seems like a good fit for him :)

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